I have freelanced for the last ten years in a variety of styling roles, starting off as a fashion stylist for celebrity and high street clients. I now work across a range of projects from set design to events, food and of course fashion styling. My blend of skills have enabled me to work on a variety of exciting projects. 

Of late I have run complex and exciting briefs all across Europe; these include a global rebrand campaign for the music streaming service Deezer (where we shot in Madrid, Paris, Lisbon, Berlin & the UK). All the shoots were highly complex requiring both Art Direction and styling to succeed. 

I do what I love. I love what I do. It's heavy lifting, climbing stairs, ladders and sometimes walls. It's crawling across miles of carpet and studio floor. It’s making kids houses out of wrapping paper and sourcing flowers for spring in December. It's tangling yourself up in fabrics and covering yourself in paint. Every day is different, every client unique, every brief an adventure.

"Alex worked with us for three short, intense months and was instrumental in the success of a 4-country, 6-shoot brand photography project. We brought her on under ludicrously tight timelines but she managed to pull off being, at various times, our project manager, production lead, stylist and part-time art director. She found fixers, scouted locations, cast models, styled both people and sets and lugged a fair amount of stuff on and off set. In short, she was my vital right-hand in a project that has formed the backbone of our global brand" (Danielle Battlefield-Peterson - Deezer)